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Rajasthan Nat Samaj Sudhar Samiti was founded in the year 1996. Some of the concerned person of the community had thought to embark on the journey to remove the social stigma i.e. “sex work” attached to the name of the community “Nat”. Historically, the community has been involved with the work of providing sexual services for royal classes but with the end of the regime of different kingdoms the business diverted towards other sections of the society. Presently, the community has its roots from Rajasthan to as far as Mumbai. All the important transit points of the highways have been doted with their presence. The community has established norms underlying certain conditions to allow girls in the business of providing sexual services. Therefore the community laws disallow any girl from being getting married through out her life. Girls are dedicated to sex work by their families at an early age depending on the conditions and thinking of the families. The Nat community has been stigmatized and discriminated by the large sections of the society for involvement in the trade of sex work. They have devoid of rights as a citizen although much claims has been made different representatives of the public. The organization has raised the voice and tried to address the concerns of the community Like health needs primary among them is HIV ands AIDS, education, development of women and adolescents with whatever little assistance it has mustered from their own resources. In this process some enthusiastic members of the society has withdrawn their support, as the organization cannot sustain all the members of the society who depend on the organization for their livelihood. The organizations can barely support the work with the little assistance although some volunteers from the community and some highly concerned persons of the field of Non- governmental organization has served the organization without any vested interest. Today the organization has a good team of about 25 volunteers together with experts from the field of Non Governmental Organization. HIV/ AIDS till now remains the central point of work.


What We Do.

Working Area
• District of Jaipur, Ajmer, Tonk and Alwar • Some of the community areas that seriously needs support :- Bandersindri, Dantri, Sambhar, Naraina, Tilawala, Bhojpura, Madhopur, Badgaon, Harsoli, Ismyle dhaba, Gazi, Nandlalpura, Ramnagar, Padasoli

Provided Education for the girls, women and youths


Food Resources


Women empowerment


Health Includes HIV/AIDS, Maternal health and Malnutrition



Great People, Great Thoughts

Issues which have been touched by us.

• Health Includes HIV/AIDS, Maternal health and Malnutrition,
• Education for the girls, women and youths.
• Livelihood activities as alternate source of earning.
• Women empowerment to raise the voice.
• Self help group formation.

  • Medical camps It was undertaken at all the locations the details of which are given below:- Duration- 2- 4 hours For treatment of general ailments some 30 medical camps were organized in the project area. General ailments which were treated are- Fever, cold, cough, vomiting, pain in stomach, Diarrhea, itching.
  • Summer camps Topics discussed:- Creation of earth Creation of human beings Discussion on god Singing
  • Training of volunteers of organization Some two trainings were organized for some 30 volunteers of the organization in the district of Ajmer.


• Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society
• Individually like District head of Jaipur, Members of Legislative assembly from Block of Dudu, members of ward of Municipal council in Tonk and Jaipur and others
• ichap
• undp savadhan
• samaj kayan boared



If you need further assistance or have any questions related to our NGO, please do not hesitate to contact our team of RNSSS, using the contact number or contact form.


ADDRESS : Harsoli, Dudu , Jaipur,Rajasthan- 002309


CONTACT NO.: +91 8769450401

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